family estrangement, anxiety, loneliness, depression, addiction, grief, or recent diagnosis of a medical
condition (cancer, dementia, macular degeneration).

Seniors we are serving may be experiencing feelings
of sadness, guilt, hopelessness, emptiness, or
marked changes in sleep, appetite, and energy.

The volunteers are not professional psychologists or
advice givers. Rather, they are individuals who
genuinely listen to and respect others. This fosters
relationships built on mutual trust and acceptance.
Only in this environment can the volunteer empower
others to address their concerns, identify their
strengths and set goals to move forward in a positive
direction.   The future can be faced with renewed
confidence and increased self-esteem. Quality of life
is improved- both current and future. Lastly, the peer
support volunteers are resilient adults who are
“bridges to the community,” identifying resources,
especially those to decrease feelings of social
isolation and loneliness. 

Utilizing the Friendly Visitor Program of Elder Network,
in conjunction with the Peer Support Program,
facilitates additional community connections. 

Peer Support Program
Offered in Olmsted, Winona and Wabasha County

The primary focus of this program is for adults age 55
and older to assist their peers through weekly home
visits. The volunteers are specially trained mentors
and advocates who provide encouragement for positive
change, personal growth and adjusting to major life
changes which may occur as one ages. They offer
support to older adults facing difficulties such as:

Who can benefit....a mother who was just diagnosed with an illness and needs additional support; a father who is
having difficulty with loneliness; a friend or neighbor who has had much sadness and is having a difficult time dealing
with life; or yourself if you are feeling unhappy and afraid, but don't know how to make a change.

Olmsted - 1130 1/2 7th Street NW Suite 205 Rochester, MN 55901
Phone: 1-507-285-5272

Winona - 1756 Kraemer Dr., Suite 110
Winona MN 55987
Phone: 1-507-452-0580

Wabasha - P.O. Box 45
Wabasha, MN 55981
Phone: 1-651-565-3237